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Athletic  Clearance


In order to play sports at David Douglas each student must complete the following paperwork.    All paperwork and user fees ($100) must be PAID IN  FULL in order to try out.  



Every student athlete must have a physical on file.  Physicals are good for (2) years. Forms must be completed and returned to the athletic office PRIOR to the start of the season

Pre Participation Questionnaire

If you answer YES to any of these questions please contact your physician or the school based health care center

Somali Version - Click Here

Spanish Version-Click Here

Athletic Clearance Sheet

This document shows what you need to be eligible to participate in athletics at David Douglas.   Read Carefully

Athletic Application


All athletes for every sport must complete this form and submit to the athletic office at David Douglas. Please make sure this form is completed and both signature panels are completed. Circle the sports you are signing up for.

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