A Wee Bit Better

A new award at David Douglas High School.   The selection criteria that we are looking for in the nomination process. Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and moral character. We want them to be not only winners in their respective sports, but as individuals in their school community as well.


Michelle Tapia - Senior - Soccer

Michelle spent the off-season learning a new position at my request. Due to her hard work, she is now one of the starting forwards for our team. Michelle leads by example-always hustling, pushing herself in drills, and asking if I need help setting up practice. She has 2 goals and 2 assists so far this season.

Porter Evers - Junior- Cross Country

As a junior, Porter went from a JV athlete last year to one of our top varsity runners this season.  He is the ultimate teammate by having a positive attitude and does a great job of building up his teammates that are around him.  He's very good about keeping his teammates focused in practice, scouts out our opponents and has prepared notecards of our upcoming competition.  On top of that Porter has a great work ethic in practice and is continually pushing to be the best runner he can be.


Skylar Rector-Soccer-Junior:

After our senior goalkeeper decided to not play this season, Skylar and I had a heart to heart about what that meant for her as a player.  Essentially, Skylar's role shifted from getting both field and goal time to 100% in goal.  This was hard for Skylar as she loves to play on the field and is not a goalkeeper for her club team.  Skylar's willingness to sacrifice her personal desires for the good of the team and develop herself as a goalkeeper is one of the reasons we have been so successful this season.  She's had multiple games where her amazing saves were the difference between a win and a loss.  Skylar maintains a 3.56 and is well-liked and respected by her teachers, teammates, and peers.

Mohammed Ahmed - Cross Country- Junior-

Mohamed has shown huge improvements in his running and contributions to the team.  A JV athlete from last year, Mohamed has played a large role on our varsity team by setting personal goals and doing everything asked of him by his coaches.  He talks mindset, toughness and training with his teammates and has backed up his talk with his performances.  Mohamed is a very positive teammate who looks for the good that can come out of every challenge.


Kadyn Skipper- Junior- Swim-

Kadyn is really putting in great effort at practice this season.   She placed 2nd in the 50 freestyle and 2nd in the 200 freestyle at our swim meet at Gresham.   She is a leader at the pool with her work ethic.  Kadyn is involved in theatre as well as the troubadours.   She is currently has a 3.8 GPA

Cameron Holmes- Senior- Cheer-

Cameron is a 2 time time Mt. Hood Conference individual champion and a 2 time all state individual champion. Cameron is also the Mt. Hood Conference champion for stunt group. He placed 4th at all-state for stunt group. Cameron not only takes care of business on the competition mat, he also takes care of business in the classroom. Cameron is ranked in the top of his class and has a 3.875 gpa.


LaMirra Luster

LaMirra started our season not medically cleared to participate due to some health concerns. She not only continued to work to get cleared, but she was at every practice, helping with the varsity team as well as the Freshmen team, doing anything we asked to help the team, even though we were not sure she would be cleared at all this season. LaMirra continued to push to get cleared and was able to in December, and since then has done a great job in working hard to get herself into shape and get her skills back up to speed. LaMirra is a great teammate, extremely coachable, and does whatever she can to help our team every day.

Dakota Lohmeier:

Dakota is a kid who grew up playing in our community sports programs.  He is one of the few who still play three sports.  This year, as a junior, Dakota will play varsity in all three sports that he plays (football, basketball, baseball).  He is a great example of what it means to be a student athlete, as he currently has a 3.7 gpa while participating in three sports.  Dakota is a great teammate and he plays a physical style of basketball.  He continues to work hard in practice and do whatever is asked of him.  Dakota would like to come back and teach 4th grade in the DDHS school district.


Cande Fernandez- 12th- Basketball

Cande is an exchange student from Spain, she has made the transition this year nicely to the David Douglas Community. She made the varsity basketball team  as a sophomore and has been a valuable player on our team. Early in the season, Cande sustained a concussion that kept her out of practice and games for an extended period of time. She continued to work through the steps to return and was patient and is now one of our key contributors. Cande also finished the first semester with a 4.0 GPA. It has been a great experience to have her here with our team and we appreciate all she does.

Evan Bedney- 12th- Scotish TAMS

Evan has only been dancing for 2 years and in that short amount of time he has grown tremendously as dancer therefore chosen as Captain for this years team. He works hard to help his team mates improve their technique and form.  Evan may be soft spoken but has a commanding presence on the dance floor, with great moves, timing, and facial expressions. Evan always motivates the team to do their best and leads them by great example. Recently Evan was accepted into Oregon State University.


Ella Irish- 9th - Cheer

As a varsity athlete, as a Freshman, Ella is constantly pushing herself to be a standout asset to the team. She competed at the all-state competition in both individual and stunt group performances. She is a hard worker and dedicated to being the best she can be. She never complains. Not only is she talented but Ella also completed her first semester with straight A's, and never once faltered in the classroom this past semester!

Rocky Chavez- 12th- Basketball 

Rocky is the ultimate teammate!  For a guy that sometimes does not get in the game, he keeps such a positive attitude and is still a verbal leader from the bench.  Rocky comes to practice every day with a desire to get better and to make his teammates better.  Rocky was the most verbal leader on our team and is constantly shouting out encouragement and instruction to his teammate...reminding them of the game plan.  One of my favorite moments this year is when Rocky hit a 3 pointer toward the end of our 2nd Centennial game and our bench erupted in excitement for Rocky the same way that he had cheered them on all year.


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David Douglas has never known as much fame in girls tennis as these two young ladies provided.  Their success brought a State Championship in 1972, a second place trophy in 1973 and a third place trophy in 1974.  After graduation, Delores played varsity tennis at the University of Washington.  Polly graduated from Willamette University and also played tennis in college.