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A Wee Bit Better

A new award at David Douglas High School.   The selection criteria that we are looking for in the nomination process. Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and moral character. We want them to be not only winners in their respective sports, but as individuals in their school community as well.

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Cesar Garcia - Football

Cesar has worked hard to improve. He has gone non-stop since February learning and playing football for the first time. He never misses practice and is also asking if he can help out at varsity games. His parents say he his desire to play football has improved him so much as a person and they are thrilled at his maturity as a young man in the last several months. He has also become a good student during this time, as he wants to be the best he can be at everything. He is the example of how athletics can inspire students do great things in life!

Avery Kimball - Soccer

3 year Varsity team member - For the first two years Avery played defense for us because we needed her speed and tenacity in our back line. And while Avery never complained about playing defense, it wasn't her top choice of position. Through sheer effort and determination, Avery has transitioned to midfield and become one of our top attacking threats on the field.  She unselfishly creates scoring opportunities for her teammates. When talking to her teammates, they are thankful for Avery always giving 110% and also for her ability to make them laugh.  Avery is also a basketball and golf athlete.  She has a 3.909 GPA while taking many college and advanced level courses.


Augustine Hardy, 9th, JV Boys Soccer, Augustine was an amazing teammate throughout the season. He was very positive, had a great attitude, and worked hard. When our starting goalkeeper got hurt, Augustine stepped up and played in the goal for our last game of the season earning a 2-0 shutout win over Sandy. Wherever I needed him to play he always stepped up and tried his best.

Dora Hussein (Senior, Volleyball) - Dora has been an important part of our program for so many reasons.  She is a strong leader and teammate that sets a great example of what a committed athlete looks like.  She is a self motivated both on and off the court, always working to improve herself.  After being a team manager last season, Dora worked hard to improve her skills and earned a spot on the varsity team this season.  She incredibly hard working, aggressive, and never makes excuses.  Even if it means playing though injuries, you can count on Dora to always give 100%.  The support that Dora shows for other athletes is incredible, she understands the balance of being a strong competitor, while still putting the team first.


Prince Hale Basketball (SR). Prince had a great summer for us and was looking to take over the point guard position. Unfortunately he injured his knee and will be out the majority if not all of the season. Prince has continued to come to all of our practices and has helped the younger players learn the plays. We have all appreciated Prince's positive attitude and leadership skills

Jessica Garcia-Cruz, 11th grade, Girls Soccer. As the veteran varsity goalkeeper, Jessica stepped into the role of mentor for our younger goalkeepers this year. She modeled and lead their warm-up; helped them understand drills through demonstration, explanation, and coaching; and provided positive feedback and motivation for improvement. Jessica always gave her best effort in both practices and games. She was positive and supportive to all of her teammates whether she was in the goal or on the sidelines. Her goalkeeping skills and her leadership earned her All Conference Honorable Mention recognition. Jessica demonstrates leadership outside of soccer as a Link Crew Leader. She also was part of the Stagecraft team that created and moved sets for the fall musical.

Kendra Orellana-Morales Kendra is a senior on the the swim team. She has been part of the swim program since her freshman year. She has been very dedicated to both the swim and water polo schedule. She is a great teammate who is always positive. The best part of coaching Kendra is she always tries her best no matter what activity we are doing.


Alyssa Benitez, 11, Wrestling, Alyssa has shown dedication and commitment by having perfect wrestling attendance this whole wrestling season. Her hard work is paying off with her increased skill and technique put to the test in competition, and she has become a leader by good example for the rest of her teammates.

Florence Phan - Florence is an excellent leader in our Women's Basketball Team.Her commitment to the overall program's success and those of her teammates goes unmatched. On the court she is gives 100%, and she is constantly thinking about ways to help her teammates, whether it is in the form communication, ensuring they have food for games, and so much more in between..

Cameron Vanburen (11). Cameron has worked hard over the years to be part of our varsity basketball team. He is constantly striving to be better. Cameron "shows up"! For some it is easy to make excuses when things are not going well, or they are not getting much playing time...not for Cameron, instead he continues to show up physically, emotionally, and mentally. He is a great teammate who is continuing to improve as a basketball player and as a student.

Nathan Nguyen (9) swimming. Although only a freshman, Nathan is demonstrating the dedication of an upperclassman. He comes to practice everyday ready to improve himself in the water. This has enabled him to achieve lifetime best in every event he has swum this season. He races constantly in practice. Nathan has a 3.8 GPA and is also involved in the music program at DDHS.


Shylayla Jumping Bull, Junior, Girl's Wrestling. Shylayla was a wrestling statistician last year who gained interest in trying out the sport herself this year as a Lady Scots Wrestler. Shylayla has blossomed into an amazing teammate as well as an impactful wrestler. Shylayla has battled through injuries this year and shown true dedication to practices even in the face of adversity. She is strong, smart, fierce, and has unlimited potential. Shylayla has come very far from the beginning of the season both as a supportive teammate and technical wrestler, even coming as far as qualifying for the second day of our incredibly competitive state qualifying tournament.

Lydia Yihdego, 9th grade, JV2 women's basketball. Lydia is an incredible leader on and off the court. Lydia is a JV2 basketball team captain voted on by her fellow teammates. While taking honors and advanced classes she received straight A's in her first semester. She's self motivated and shows up to optional Saturday morning practices to improve on her basketball skills. Her growth as a basketball player over the last few months has been outstanding. Lydia's character, work ethic and integrity is unmatched for a freshman athlete.

Emmanuel Kargbo. Eman is consistently our hardest working practice player. He has a great attitude no matter what the circumstance is. Eman also shows great leadership around campus

D.Boy Monta, Wrestling.... This is D.Boy's first year wrestling and he has done nothing but be consistent at coming to practice and working hard. He has a great attitude and made large strides in getting better at wrestling.


Norah Cavanaugh, Junior, Golf. Norah is a committed team member who never misses a practice and works hard to get better. She always has a positive attitude and is a leader to our new players.

Sylas Brendal - Sylas is at practice everyday and works very hard all practice long. I don't think I have ever heard him complain about anything at practice. He is always willing to put in the work.

Erblin Veseli is a Freshman on the JV2 basketball team. He showed his commitment to his team by never missing a single practice or game during the season. Every day he showed up with the highest work ethic and the discipline to get better at basketball. Erblin is an outstanding student with a 4.0 GPA.

Jennifer Ho, 12th grade, Lady Scots Wrestling, Jennifer is a first year wrestler who has improved significantly since her late start to the season. She is dedicated to practice and team bonding events, and has become a smart and strong wrestler. Jennifer worked hard to improve as much as she did by watching film and studying the sport before the season even started, lifting weights, and asking good questions in practice. In one of her matches a girl took her down in a move called a fireman's carry and she was so impressed that she taught herself how to do it from home by watching videos and immediately started using the move against her opponents in competition.

Nathan Allen - Track - Nathan has had a strong start to the track and field season. He's focused, enthusiastic, and is setting an example of bringing your best each day.

Cameron Vanburen 11, Basketball. Cam is an excellent basketball player and an outstanding teammate. Cam's positive attitude and hard work did not go unnoticed by his coaches and teammates. He has worked in the weight room to get stronger and has put in time to develop an amazing 3pt shot. Although Cam did not get a ton of playing time, he will be ready for next year, and he never let the lack of playing time effect his effort in practice.

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